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Everyone is on a journey to find what matters in life. Maybe you are tired, confused, worn out, or just looking for a place to belong. No matter where you are on your journey, you are welcome here.

In a world often clouded with disappointment and anxiety, where hope seems elusive, Easter offers a profound message of renewal and redemption. It beckons us to pause amidst life's chaos and consider a different path, one illuminated by the promise of hope. Regardless of your past or faith background, Easter invites us all to reflect on the possibility that even in our darkest moments, there is a flicker of hope that healing and transformation is waiting for us.

Sunday, March 31 | 10:30 AM

Easter Sunday

Crystal Ballroom at Somerville Theater

55 Davis Square, Somerville
MA 02144

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Holy Week


It's not hard to feel hopeless when the story we have been living into leaves us disappointed and empty. However, there is an alternative story, one full of meaning and purpose. The resurrection of Jesus changed the narrative arc of human history and infused hope into the world.

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Easter at REUNION

Whether you’re new to church all together or you’re just looking for a church family, we just want to say “Welcome” and “We’re glad you’re here.” Our prayer for you is that you’d find a place that feels like home, that you’d encounter God, and that after being here, you’d be filled with more hope than when you first arrived.

When you participate in a Sunday gathering at REUNION, you’ll enjoy a cozy, casual environment with music and an Easter teaching that’s engaging for the whole family.

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