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The amazing thing about following Jesus is that it's for anyone and everyone. Each of us are important parts of God's plan for the world, and each of us have something special that can enrich the life of others. At Reunion, we say that everyone can dedicate their time and talent to the work of God's good news. Whether it's a beautiful singing voice, an awesome organizational mind, or an available shoulder to cry on, each of us can reveal God's love when we choose to show up.

We get that it can be hard to know what talents and what sort of time can make a difference. Reach out to us, so we can help discern what gifts God has given you and how you can get plugged into the awesome things happening at Reunion.


The Arts

The arts at REUNION empower artists to creatively tell the story of the love and grace of Jesus as we gather on Sunday and throughout the week through different events. We invite those who want to help lead people to encounter God's presence through music and song.

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Setup/Tear Down

Since we rent our facilities, we need a couple of hands each week to help us set up and create an environment to host people well.

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The slides for our lyrics and announcements don't just show up on their own! We need a person each week who follows along and guides our community on what they should see on the screen.

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Connections Team members are often the first people to engage with newcomers and first impressions leave a mark. As a representative of REUNION, we want people to feel known and loved, as Jesus knows and loves us.

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Reunion Kids

Our church is passionate about serving families and enabling them to build sustainable lives to stay and thrive in Boston. We feel honored to come alongside families as children are guided to Christ and inspired to live out the way of Jesus. When we begin in September, each location will be having REUNION kids each Sunday! As we build up this ministry, we are looking for people who want to serve families in this way. Click the button below to send us a message if you are interested.

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Care Team

Our Care Team provides support to those who call Reunion Home. This team comes together and provides tangible help for those in our community. If you are someone who has a heart for caring for people in any kind of difficulty -- whether that be physical, financial, emotional, or spiritual, please click the button below to send us a message.

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Reach Out to Our Team to Learn More

Matt Chin
Executive Pastor

Matt is the quintessential townie who is devoted to God, his wife Jean, and the Celtics.

Nathan Caddell
Teaching and Formation

Nathan is an ultra Boston sports fan and an ultra marathoner who follows Jesus.

Bailey Kolapudi
Worship Director

Bailey is a talented artist and worship leader who also runs the Boston music scene.

Michelle Fuller
Kids Director

Michelle is a human resources guru who also loves helping kids love Jesus.

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