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Who We Are


Our name is taken from a story found in the fifteenth chapter of Luke. It reflects the moment when a lost son is embraced by his loving father. We believe that story is about all of us because it is a picture of what it looks like when God knits His family back together.

Our name is a constant reminder of our mission of helping people find their way back to God. We strive to be a church that deeply cares for people who are hurting, searching, isolated, or lost. Everyone is welcome because everyone is a child of God. The gospel is an entire life pursuit and we want to journey with you.

Our Vision & Mission

What We Do

Discover. Become. Do.

We are a community dedicated to following Jesus and helping others do that same. We believe that journeying toward God can happen in many ways and take many forms, but we like to talk about it in three ways: discovering Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did.

We try to create safe spaces where you can engage this Jesus thing wherever you are at. More often than not, it means we gather together, serve together, and support each other as we all journey back towards God.
We have nine community groups in different parts of the city.

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Where We Are

One Church.
Two Locations.
All Over.

Reunion is one church that primarily gathers to worship as two communities on Sundays, Reunion Metro and Reunion North. Throughout the week, we come together in smaller groups to share life, serve our community, and open up Scripture.

We are dedicated to helping the Greater Boston Area experience the transformative love of Jesus, and we think it is easier to do that when we spread out!


Reach Out to Our Team to Learn More

Matt Chin
Executive Pastor

Matt is the quintessential townie who is devoted to God, his wife Jean, and the Celtics.

Nathan Caddell
Location Pastor
Reunion North

Nathan is an ultra Boston sports fan and an ultra marathoner who follows Jesus.

Jeff Oakes
Location Pastor
Reunion Metro

Jeff is a lover of indie music, connoisseur of Chinese food, and father of three.

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