Gospel & Race: Week 1 Discussion Guide

February 4, 2022

During this series, we will be discussing how the gospel calls us to the world of racial justice and reconciliation. On February 6, we heard from Matt about how the gospel calls us to deal truthfully with ourselves and about how we all need to repent of the sin of racism. This guide will give you a chance to take the conversation further.

Before you start, take some time to read or review our Conversations on Racism Discussion Tips. This short guide provides some important principles for having a good discussion on a very sensitive topic.



What is one characteristic you received from your parents you want to keep and one that you wish you could change?

Share about a time when you were growing up when you felt racially discriminated against? Can you think of a time you perpetuated racial discrimination? 


Read 1 Timothy 1:15-16, and answer the following questions:

  • Why does Paul say this and how does it apply to your own life? 
  • Do you think this passage is helpful for discussions about racial justice and reconciliation? Why/why not?

Read the following quote from historian Jemar Tisby, then answer the questions.
“History and Scripture teaches us that there can be no reconciliation without repentance. There can be no repentance without confession. And there can be no confession without truth.”

  • Why is repentance necessary for racial reconciliation? Who needs to repent?
  • What needs to be confessed to move towards racial reconciliation? 

Read the following quote from historian and author Ibram Kendi, then answer the questions.
“Denial is the heartbeat of racism, beating across ideologies, races, and nations. It is beating within us.”

  • What are people afraid to admit that they have held racist ideas?
  • What truths have you denied that allowed racism to continue in your life?

What is something that you heard in the message or this conversation that has helped you understand your own role in the perpetuation of racism?

What is something that you are working to confess and repent of in this area? What are some next steps you can take to move this process forward?


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