Lent for Kids

February 24, 2023

“’Lent’ is the time we remember God’s Secret Rescue Plan. And we make room for time with our Heavenly Father, too. As we read the stories of God’s Great Rescue we remember important things. We remember why we needed Jesus to come. That we can’t rescue ourselves. How much he loves us.”

Sally Lloyd-Jones

If you are looking for a way to share Lent with your family, we want to share a few resources with you.

For little ones, understanding the length of time (let alone 40 days) can be challenging. Having a visual representation is a great way to show the number of days Lent last. A paper chain with a scripture is a great way for little ones to visually see how many days are left, and each chain has scripture on

We have two resources you maybe interested in: Jesus Storybook Bible - Reading and countdown (Free) or Paper Chain with Scripture

For older kids, a Reading Plan may be a good fit for your family this season. You could use this plan to read during dinner time or before bed (or whenever works best).

Michelle Fuller

Michelle is a human resources guru who also loves helping kids love Jesus.

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