Beta Group

January 26, 2023

Last Fall, we debuted we had a special community group called Alpha, a space for those to have an open conversation about faith, doubt, and some of the most challenging questions we face. This Winter, we are providing a sequel to that group called Beta.

We had very thoughtful discussions in Alpha, but we realized there are difficult questions that cannot be fully answered or proven.  Many of us have thoughts on who God should be and our assumptions lead us to disappointment and frustration.

Beta is designed to give us a better understanding of who God says He is and how to have a relationship with Him. We’ll be guiding people through understanding the main story and themes of Scripture, how to study the Bible on your own without feeling overwhelmed, and how to listen to God through prayer and reading.  It will continue to be safe place to ask questions and explore faith together.

This group is open to everyone, whether you are a part of Reunion or not. We are starting next week and we’ll be meeting for 11 weeks on Monday evenings at 7 PM in person in Roxbury (near Roxbury Crossing on the Orange Line). If you are interested, please reach out to Matt (

Matt Chin

Matt is the quintessential townie who is devoted to God, his wife Jean, and the Celtics.

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