Elder Nominations

March 24, 2022

Elders play an important role at REUNION. These individuals are called to be shepherds, protecting, leading, equipping, and caring for our church family. Above all, elders are champions of our missions: helping people find their way back to God. As REUNION continues on this journey of living into God’s calling as a community, we are seeking additional elders through nominations from our community.

Who would make a good Elder? Individuals who have shown their love of Jesus through involvement and care for the church and greater Boston community. In various aspects of ministry, these individuals will have demonstrated high character, spiritual maturity, a willingness to be a servant leader, and a desire to love the church in practical ways.

Please consider nominating someone by May 1st, 2022 via this form.

Matt Chin

Matt is the quintessential townie who is devoted to God, his wife Jean, and the Celtics.

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